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A Message of hope from Indivisible Gainesville

Since the shocking results of November 2016, progressive Americans have been working to reclaim the America that we know we can be. We have protested, called, and, most importantly, organized, working to turn America toward a better future. Yesterday, progressives saw the first results of our efforts, with dramatic victories across the country. Both Virginia and New Jersey turned away conservative Republicans to elect Democrats. Virginia also elected its second African American Lieutenant Governor, its first openly transgender state lawmaker. The state House of Delegates turned decidedly more progressive, with dramatic wins. For our whole write up, please read the description in the video or visit our public Facebook Page!

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Sign the Petition   |   Floridians For Fair Democracy


Florida citizens are gathering signatures for a ballot initiative that would amend Florida’s constitution and restore voting rights to most people who have completed their sentences. In October 2016, the initiative’s sponsors gathered enough signatures to trigger review by the Florida Supreme Court — a process required of all constitutional amendments. After a March 6 hearing, at which the State Attorney General did not oppose the proposal, the Court approved the text of the ballot initiative. This decision clears the way for the ballot initiative to appear on the ballot once the initiative’s supporters collect enough signatures.

The petition, and further information about the campaign, can be found at the website for Floridians for a Fair Democracy. You can also read more comprehensive information at the Brennan Center for Justice website.