Press Release: Yoho Town Hall Meeting

Yesterday, the leader of Gainesville Indivisible along with the leaders of other groups in the resistance against the Trump Agenda (GCOR, ACLC, and the local Women’s March chapter) met with the Senior Legislative Assistant from Representative Yoho’s D.C. Office. We were assured that the town hall for March 4th would still be held as scheduled–despite the challenges with securing a venue.

Today, we have received word that Representative Yoho’s local office is stating that the event has been canceled. This directly contradicts what we were told by a senior staffer.

While we hope this is a miscommunication within the congressman’s office, Gainesville Indivisible is looking into this. Additionally, we have been in contact with the other leaders who were at yesterday’s meeting. The resistance movement in Gainesville continues to work as a unit to hold Representative Yoho accountable to *all* his constituents.

One comment

  • Your website does not reflect the “current ”
    Venue change from SanteFe College to
    Countrywide Baptist Church at NW 139 st and NW 39th Ave. at 10:00 am, doors open at 9:00 am. “Security Reasons” is alleged justification, although deception and intentional confusion may be a factor!


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