Three Progressives for the Win!

Yesterday, the residents of Gainesville decided to continue our status as a progressive and inclusive city. Despite low voter turnout, Harvey Ward for Gainesville City Commission District 2, David Arreola for Gainesville City Commission, District 3, and Helen Warren all won their races by decisive percentages. Ward won District 2 by just over 50%. Arreola upset the incumbent and won the race by over 66%. Warren held her at-large seat on the city commission by just over 54% of the vote. These candidates all have progressive platforms. Ward ran on gender equality of pay. Arreola vowed to make city government more accessible to its residents. Warren promised to continue her work on homelessness and affordable housing.

Our voices were heard this election, which is no small victory. Yesterday we did our duty to protect our community. Today, and the next three years, our job is to hold our city commissioners accountable to the promises they made during their campaigns and their actions during their terms.

We urge you to keep maintaining involvement, keep talking to your your Congressman, keep writing your letters, attending local events and using your voices. What we’re doing IS working.

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We stand with you!

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