Indivisible Gainesville Needs Your Help

The admin team has heard your feedback. Many of you said that you would like more transparency and more participation from the group as a whole. Our challenge to you is to volunteer for a committee. There are over 1500 people in this group and only 7 admin support people. Unfortunately, a lot of the work to keep Indivisible Gainesville going is falling on the shoulders of our admin team.

We *need* more people to help. For instance, Florida’s legislative session just started, and it moves quickly. We need people to keep up with the current and future legislation, so we can let everyone know what our state legislators are doing. We also need to be current on the legislation at all levels, including the city, county, and national levels, so that we know where to put our efforts and momentum. Our writing team needs volunteers to write op-ed pieces and letters to the editor for upcoming events. The more writing we have before events the better our coverage of the event is. Our canvassing committee needs people to make calls and to write to their MoCs. We need volunteers on all other committees, too, including public relations, volunteer coordination, and media.

We need YOU to sustain this forward movement! We must join together and become indivisible. Please help and join up with a committee. Click here to submit a volunteer application today! We’ve contacted several applicants that are in our pool, but if you haven’t heard from us please click here and send us an email!

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