Open Letter to Ted Yoho; Gainesville Constituent Leon Bequille Issues Corrections to Yoho’s Letter

Leon Bequille sent in this amazing run of corrections to Congressman Yoho’s form letter:


This is the form letter Yoho sends out after you contact his office to support the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) or suggest Medicare for all.  The RED is my comments.  Please read and add your own comments and prepare for the Town Hall Meetings.  RESIST.


Thank you for contacting me regarding your opinion on the American Health Care Act (AHCA), a bill to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Our country needs responsible healthcare reform, and Congress is actively engaged in the process of achieving that goal. I am grateful that you took the time to let me know about your opposition to this bill, and am happy to provide my thoughts in response.

The healthcare system under the Affordable Care Act is unsustainable. (Not true, the ACA needs to be repaired and should only be repealed if replaced with Medicare for All.) Fewer people are signing up in the exchanges than was projected by the law’s authors, (In large part because Trump swore to eliminate penalties for not signing up) and insurance companies are pulling out of the marketplace. (because the Republicans took away incentives for them to stay in) The law’s burdensome taxes (taxes on the wealthy, which Yoho opposes) and regulations (like making employers provide insurance) hurt job-creators. (Job creators is code for wealthy folks) The law’s expansion of Medicaid and other federal subsidies propels our country more quickly into fiscal insolvency. (False, the money is there, spend it on healthcare instead of the Military) Simply put, Congress must act in order to keep our healthcare system from collapsing. (What Congress has proposed so far will ensure the collapse of the healthcare system. Removing the individual and employer mandates will result in large numbers of uninsured people, causing both insurance premiums and healthcare costs to rise.)

The American Health Care Act contained several important components of true healthcare reform. (if you believe taking insurance away from 24 million people is reform, then this is true) It preserved coverage for individuals with preexisting conditions (but greatly increased the cost for preexisting conditions) and allowed children to stay on their parent’s plan until they are 26. It also removed the taxes and penalties for noncompliance with the ACA’s individual and employer mandates, allowing us to move towards a patient-centered healthcare system. (“Patient centered” means the working poor will pay more and the wealthy will pay less)


There is no one on Capitol Hill that wishes to leave anyone without healthcare. (Bullshit.  Yoho and his wealthy conservative gang hate paying taxes that go to poor people, especially minorities) Voters sent me to Washington to fully repeal the ACA,(an April 17 Gallup Poll shows a 55% approval for the Affordable Care Act.) but at the same time to push for market solutions (“Market solutions” is code for give my fellow business owners another opportunity to take money away from working people while avoiding taxes) that will actually fix our healthcare system. (by fixed he means not paid for by those who can most afford it – the wealthy, likeTed) However, I did not think the AHCA achieved that goal and therefore I could not support it.


Some problems in the AHCA included its use of a per-capita Medicaid program, directly tying federal funds to the number of people enrolled in Medicaid. That could incentivize States to add more people to the program (OMG !!!  More needy people would get healthcare, he certainly does not want that!!) in order to receive more federal funding, which is the opposite effect of what we want to achieve. (True, because they want to achieve lower taxes for the wealthy and don’t care about the health of poor people) In addition, the AHCA’s proposed system of refundable tax credits created another fiscally unsustainable entitlement program. (So even the measly subsidies suggested by the Republican plan were too much for Yoho, he wants virtually no tax money to go to the poor.)


We need a free-market approach (“Free market approach” is code for poor people get nothing and corporations are authorized to steal money from the working class in order to make more money) to create a suitable replacement for the Affordable Care Act.(Medicare for all is the only suitable replacement for the Affordable Care Act) My goal is to make sure all Americans have access to quality health care that is affordable. (and by this Ted means not paid for by taxing the wealthy) Fundamentally, quality health care comes out of a patient-centered (patient centered again – that’s right – paid for by patients including the poor that cannot afford it) healthcare system, not one controlled by Washington bureaucrats. (Washington Bureaucrats – what a convenient scapegoat for all your issues)


Moving forward, I hope you will stay connected with my office (oh, don’t worry about that – you will be hearing from me loud and clear) for updates on the latest news, legislation and other useful information (right wing propaganda) by signing up for my
e-newsletter on my website. 
(That’s OK Ted, if I want to hear that crap I’ll just listen to Fox News) Thank you again for sharing your thoughts, and please do not hesitate to contact my office with any future questions or concerns. (any issues with us blocking the roadways during business hours in your district or forming general strikes or other acts of economic protest?  I hope not because it’s coming Teddy boy, it’s coming).

Ted S. Yoho
Member of Congress
Serving the 3rd District of Florida



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