PRESS RELEASE: Indivisible Group Member Changed the Mind of a Freedom Caucus Member

People attending Monday’s town hall hosted by Representative Yoho expected many things: he would endorse tax cuts, discuss Trump’s proposed budget, and speak about repealing the Affordable Care Act. What attendees did not expect was for the congressman to admit that he was wrong.

At a different town hall held earlier this year, Diana Castine and Sara Walters asked Representative Yoho about his position on forcing Trump to release his tax returns. When Sara pressed further, the congressman’s staff urged her to make an appointment to speak directly with the congressman. She did.

And it paid off.

The same question was put to Representative Yoho at Monday’s town hall: Why do you not support bills that force Trump to show his IRS records?

This time the audience received a different response. Representative Yoho told the audience that at first he was against such bills because they were “not constitutional.” However, after having a one-on-one meeting with Sara, who explained that the American people need to know that Trump’s finances would not affect American policies, the congressman stated that “she changed my opinion.”

“She changed my opinion.”

Representative Yoho is now officially a co-sponsor of H.R. 305, the Presidential Tax Transparency Act, which requires presidential candidates and presidents to release their tax records. This is how our government works. Concerned constituents talk with their elected officials about issues that matter to them, and the official votes and sponsors legislation that reflects their constituents needs.

Sara learned about the issue, spoke with the congressman and his staff multiple times, and asked her representative to sponsor legislation to remedy her concern. She persisted despite his initial dismissal to her concerns. That’s what we want to empower every member of our community to do. We want to empower you to use your passion, personal experience, knowledge, and dedication to effect change in the political system.  Whether it’s a phone call, personal meeting, a Letter to the Editor, an Op Ed piece or a suggestion for legislation, we want your voice to be heard.

Together we can change their minds.


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