Gainesville Science March A Success!

Hundreds of people flooded University Avenue to march for science this past weekend. We are so proud that our members were among those numbers. Thank you to everyone who made signs, marched, watched the livestream, and otherwise supported the March for Science in Gainesville. The event demonstrated that Gainesville believes in science, enjoys science, and supports science.

We marched together waving signs about climate change and yelling positive chants about peer review. Booths at the rally had exhibits on reptile research, climate change research, and (lack of funding for) gun violence prevention research. Indivisible Gainesville pulled information together about the anti-science voting record of our local representative. Additionally, and arguably more important, we shared how our community can continue the momentum of the March for Science and support science in our nation.

This rally is just the beginning. We must resist the anti-science agenda of this administration. Together, we can keep the pressure on our elected officials and tell them that Gainesville trusts science.

Keep calling. Keep writing. We stand with you.

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