Indivisible Gainesville: Rules of Engagement and Guidelines for Group Membership on and off of Facebook

Please note that the Leadership team has updated the “rules of engagement” for any activity within the Indivisible Gainesville Facebook group. These updated rules have been posted to the closed group (pinned to the top for easy access for all members to peruse), to our public Facebook page and, as the post will be posted as a blog, can be easily shared by members.

Much time has been spent in creating these standards; the desire for respectful and productive discourse while keeping in mind our aversion to any kind of censorship, was and continues to be a primary focus in how we moderate all Indivisible Gainesville social media platforms. If you have any comments or questions regarding these rules, please email them to Please refrain from messaging the Admin team directly, as we all work together as a unit.

Rules and Guidelines

Be respectful. We are all a team and we are all on the same side. Indivisible is for all people who oppose the current administration regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, or political affiliation. We may not always agree on everything, but we value civil discourse and respectful disagreement. Name calling, personal attacks, and all forms of discrimination are expressly forbidden. Escalation to the point of no longer having a willingness to agree to disagree, and taking more time and energy away from our purpose than is necessary is also against our rules and guidelines. If you engage in any of these behaviors, you will receive 2 warnings before being removed from the group. Please understand that no “one” admin makes any unilateral decision. The choice to block someone is NEVER taken lightly and is ALWAYS made by the administration as a group.


False or Repetitive Information: With over 1800 members, it is easy for false and for repetitive information to be shared. Please check your sources before sharing information. Admins will remove or not approve posts that contain questionable information or cite questionable sources. Also, please check to make sure the information you’re about to share isn’t a duplicate. Admins will remove or not approve duplicate shares to streamline information.

Our Branding: Do not use our organization’s name or logo without express permission from the admin team. Our name and logo are pending trademark and unauthorized use will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the group.

No Screenshots: Do not screenshot or share information from this group. This is a private group and there is an expectation of privacy. Violation of the group’s privacy through sharing of screenshots or other information will result in immediate removal.

Lastly, welcome to the resistance! We stand together, indivisible.


  • Thank you for accepting me, honored to be apart of this great movement. I have been invited to several groups, but the values, energy & flow of your organization line up with my heart-flow. I am looking forward to the possibilities!!!!.United We Stand!!!!!


  • I am also involved with Say Yes to Second Chances, Indivisible St. Johns, Indivisible Flagler, Women’s March Florida, the NAACP, and several other organizations. I love the energy, respect and sense of community coming from your group. My focus in each group is generally on Criminal Justice Reform with a specific focus currently on the restoration of rights to Floridians with felony convictions and eliminating the felony conviction box on employment applications. Thanks for accepting me.


  • Thank you for the rules and guidelines for this group. I appreciate the focus and integrity. I recently became affiliated with the FRRC and have started the Bradford County Chapter. Thank you for the honor of joining your group.


  • Thanks for my acceptance. I look forward to intelligent discourse; thst is a quality that seems to become rarer with every passing week…

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  • Indivisible St. John’s has been very supportive of our efforts to open primaries in Florida.


  • Thanks for admitting me to your group. During the CRC process, I got to know a couple of activists in your area.

    I am, and have been, a member of other political groups with similar rules. They certainly foster a more civil discourse than exists on social media at large. Glad to be here.


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