Information Release: Indivisible Gainesville Develops New and Improved Leadership Structure.

To the Members of Indivisible-Gainesville:

We are very excited to announce our new leadership structure. We apologize for our delay and appreciate your patience. We wanted a strong framework before reaching out for membership participation. The main organization of our new teams is quite similar to the previous organization with the major change being multiple leads per team to spread the responsibility more equitably and hopefully enhance our ability to resist even more strongly!

We will now have a group of overall project managers to plan monthly chapter meetings and bi-weekly leadership meetings; coordinate interactions between teams; and coordinate with the Northeast Florida Indivisible Coalition and other local activism groups.

Introducing our talented Project managers: Stephanie, Jyoti, Bill, Nicole, Carolyn, and Dehlia

Members can join one or multiple of the following seven teams (descriptions of activities are included in the online volunteer application linked below and on the volunteer page on our website):

Events & Outreach, led by Ronda J., Herb K., Veronica D. and Jess M.

Member-of-Congress Outreach, led by Deb M. and Carolyn L.

Correspondence, led by Carrie C., Shanna J. and Amanda W.

Writing, led by Sarah R. and Ruth-Ann S.

Elections, led by Laura S., Maria V., Stephanie L., Bill R., Marcie S. and Veronica D.

Research, led by Sandy P. and Adam A.

Ideas, led by Herb K. and John M.



Meet the rest of our dedicated Admin Team:

Facebook monitors: Tammy G., Norma W., David F., and Dave M.

Facebook member requests: Shanna J. and Lisa S.

Twitter: Tammy G. and Jess M.

Website, NationBuilder, Graphics, and Tech: Erin M. and Mike R.S.

Secretary: Lisa S.

Public Relations/Media Director: Marcie S.

Accessibility Coordinator: Sarah R.

Volunteer Coordinator: Moe H.

Treasurer/Finance Director: Carolyn L.


We strive for full transparency and are motivated to find ways for every member of this group to participate in the resistance! To this end, we are planning a
Member Social Event where we can get to know each other outside of our social media bubble. We’d love to meet each of you in person and get your input and hear your ideas. We will also have a Member Challenge with a list of very specific tasks and each member can record their resistance activities. The top participants will be announced at our Member Social with prizes! More info on these items coming soon.

Thanks and we are so excited to start resisting the regressive Trump agenda in full force! We stand together, indivisible.

Stephanie K., Dehlia, Erin, Tammy, Bill, Carolyn, Nicole, Jyoti, Ronda, Herb, Marcie, Veronica, Jess, Deb, Sarah R., Carrie, Shanna, Laura, Maria, Stephanie L., Sandy, Adam, John, David, Dave, Norma, Lisa, Mike, Amanda, Sara W., Ruth-Ann, and Moe

One comment

  • I hope you will.consider how important policy is. That includes reporting and commentary on existing and proposed legislation.

    Development of policy position papers is essential to being taken seriously within the legislative process.


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