The Politics of Harvey

We are pleased to share a Letter to the Editor written by Indivisible Gainesville member, Kimberly de Vries

The devastation in Houston is due to a weather event made worse by humans. While no single storm event can be blamed on climate change, we know that hurricanes will be stronger, wetter and more frequent. What was once a 500-year storm may well become a 100-year storm.

Furthermore, cities like Houston that have unregulated sprawl and pave over wetlands exacerbate the flooding caused by any rainfall. Meanwhile, the president has scoffed at climate change and loosened regulation that take the environment (current and future) into account when building infrastructure (that’s our tax money, people).

I urge U.S. Sens. Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, as well as Rep. Ted Yoho, to take a conservative approach when allocating infrastructure funds. Not taking the environment and climate into account when building is never a smart idea. The wise man builds his house upon a rock, the foolish man builds on sand.

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