The Truth and Ted Yoho

Like he did back during his Amway days, Ted Yoho will tell you what you want to hear in order to sell something, but the product he’s selling is often something different than he promised. Here are some examples of Yoho misrepresenting the truth…and us.

What Yoho said: “The national debt creates a climate of confusion and an environment of uncertainty for hardworking Americans, and it is a growing threat to our national security.”

And on Yoho’s website, you can find a National Debt Clock. So why on earth did he vote for a tax cut bill that will increase the debt by $1.5 trillion and whose benefits go mostly to the already rich? Maybe we just answered our own question. And tax cuts have never paid for themselves through increased tax revenue. Ever. They didn’t under Reagan. They didn’t under W. They won’t under Trump.

What Yoho said: “We’re not trying to kick anybody off healthcare.”

This was after Yoho voted for an awful Obamacare repeal bill, The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office disagreed, saying the bill would in fact result in 24 million less people having health insurance. 24 million? We would hate to see what would happen if he were trying to kick people off healthcare.

What Yoho said: “It’s been proven over and over again Medicaid has the worst outcomes in the industrialized world as far as the quality of healthcare.”

That one got a false from the fact-checkers at Politifact, and his staff had to walk his comments back. This all begs the question: if the truth is on his side, why does Yoho stretch it so often?

What Yoho said: “I ran on limited government, fiscal responsibility and free enterprise, but when you’ve got programs that have been in place and it’s the accepted norm, to just go in there and stop it would be detrimental to our sugar growers.”

Sugar growers? Sugar growers?! Like the billionaire Fanjul brothers of south Florida, who donation (pay off) to both parties, and who treated their migrant workers terribly and who are polluting the Everglades and refusing to chip in to help clean it up? Yep those guys. Meanwhile, in the same bill, Yoho tried to introduce an amendment to gut SNAP (formerly called Food Stamps) by twenty billion dollars. It ended up being cut by five billion dollars. Fun fact: Yoho and his wife used food stamps when they first married.

What Yoho said: “Main Street, not Wall Street, is the backbone of America.”

The bill Yoho was selling, called the CHOICE Act, would have shut down a consumer protection agency that has helped people recover money from banks that have ripped them and allowed banks to behave just as irresponsibly as they did before the Great Recession. Maybe he meant “Wall Street, not Main Street, is the backbone of America?” That must be it.

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