Fed, State and Local Activity This Week, Feb 11 – 15

Hello team!


Alachua County Commission Regular Meeting. The agenda can be found here.
Date: Tuesday, February 12
Time: 9am
Location: 12 SE 1st Street, Second Floor, John “Jack” Durrance Auditorium, Board Room 209

This week is a Legislative Committee Week where bills will be crafted and discussed. Here is the schedule for the House and the Senate’s committee meeting. By the way, the various committees can be found here.

We have a guest blogpost by our friend Barb Howe about S0230, a bill designed to preemptively disenfranchise future voters. You have to read it to believe it. Check it out here.

And here is a piece we write for the Gainesville Sun that lays out some of our concerns about Keith Perry and the upcoming legislative session.

This could be interesting: the Democratic-controlled House Way and Means Committee’s oversight subcommittee will begin looking into using a 1924 law to request Donald Trump’s tax returns. That hearing will be held Thursday. More information can be found here.

According to multiple outlets, border security negotiations did not go well this weekend. CNN reports: “The outstanding issues — the level of funding for border barriers as well as funding increases for detention facilities and personnel — were not new and have long been the sticking points in the talks.”

If no deal is reached, we are facing another shutdown by the end of this week. Once again, make sure that your three MoCs continue to hear the message that another shutdown or Trump declaring a fake “national emergency” are both unacceptable.

Here are our Members of Congress:
House of Representatives:
* Ted Yoho
Email: Click here to fill out your email.
* DC office: (202)225-5744
* Gainesville office: (352)505-0838
Marco Rubio
* Email: Click here to fill out your email.
* Phone:
DC office: (202)224-3041
Rick Scott
* Phone:
DC office: (202)224-5274

Have a great week!

PS. Indivisible Gainesville is taking part in a campaign to get Medicaid Expansion on the 2020 ballot. (Medicaid Expansion will help 700,000 of our poorest Floridians get health care coverage.) If you are interested in canvassing, would like to know where to go to sign a petition, or would simply like more information, please shoot us an email at projectmanagement@indivisibilegnv.org. Thank you!

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