Fed, State and Local Activity April 8 – 12


Alachua County & City of Archer Joint Meeting. A summary of the meeting can be found [here]
Date: Monday, April 8
Time: 6pm
Location: Archer City Hall Chambers (16870 S.W. 134th Ave)

Alachua County Commission Special and Regular Meeting. A summary of the meetings can be found [here]
Date: Tuesday, April 9
Time: 9am (Special) and 11:30am (Regular)
Location: 12 SE 1st Street, Grace Knight Conference Room (Special)
12 SE 1st ST, John “Jack” Durrance Auditorium (Regular)


A few of the worst bills we have been following will be having their final committee hearings this week. Once they clear these hurdles, they will be set for floor debates and votes.

First up is Amendment 4

As we discussed a few weeks ago (see here) there are two bills that seek to thwart the will of the people by seizing up a discussion before the Florida Supreme Court and incorporating fines and fees as part of “a term of a sentence”. Testimony before the Supreme Court is not legally binding. The vote of nearly two-thirds of Florida voters is. This is a poll tax that could bar the majority of returning citizens from registering to vote.

Both are headed to the Judiciary Committee of each house:

The Senate bill (SB 7086) will be discussed
Monday, 04/08/19, 4:00 pm
* Chair: David Simmons (R): (407) 262-7578
* Vice Chair: Jose Javier Rodriguez (D): (305) 854-0365
* Dennis Baxley (R): (352) 750-3133
* Audrey Gibson (D): (904) 359-2553
* Travis Hutson (R): (386) 446-7610
* Kelli Stargel (R): (863) 668-3028

The House bill (HB 7089) will be discussed Tuesday 04/09/19, 2:00 pm

* Chair Renner, Paul [R]: (850) 717-5024
* Vice Chair Rommel, Bob [R]: (850) 717-5106
* Diamond, Ben [D]: (850) 717-5068
* Alexander, Ramon [D]: (850) 717-5008
* Beltran, Mike [R]: (850) 717-5057
* Brannan III, Robert Charles “Chuck” [R]: (850) 717-5010
* Driskell, Fentrice [D]: (850) 717-5063
* Fernandez-Barquin, Juan Alfonso [R]: (850) 717-5119
* Fitzenhagen, Heather [R]: (850) 717-5078
* Geller, Joseph [D]: (850) 717-5100
* Gottlieb, Michael “Mike” [D]: (850) 717-5098
* Grant, James “J.W.” [R]: (850) 717-5064
* Gregory, Tommy [R]: (850) 717-5073
* Hill, Walter Bryan “Mike” [R]: (850) 717-5001
* Killebrew, Sam H. [R]: (850) 717-5041
* LaMarca, Chip [R]: (850) 717-5093
* Mercado, Amy [D]: (850) 717-5048
* Sirois, Tyler I. [R]: (850) 717-5051

Please give them all a call.

Next up: Arming Classroom Teachers:

Our friends at Moms Demand Action wrote an editorial for the Gainesville Sun a few weeks ago that summarizes the absurdity of this bill (which can be read here) in which they point out what legislators seem perfectly willing to ignore:

“Available evidence suggests that arming school personnel would decrease, rather than increase, school safety. National law enforcement and educator associations oppose the arming of teachers, as do Gainesville’s city government and police department.

“For a gun to be useful in an active-shooter scenario, it would need to be kept loaded and readily available. But classrooms can be chaotic, distracting environments. If a teacher can access a gun, so can a student.

“Guns are not allowed on the premises in local psychiatric hospitals or jails because of the risk that they could fall into the wrong hands. Why should we be willing to take that risk in our children’s classrooms?”

Moms Demand Action are confident that the bill will be on the Appropriations Committee’s docket when they meet this Thursday, April 11.

Chair: Rob Bradley (R): (888) 347-3483
Vice Chair: Wilton Simpson (R): (352) 688-5077

Aaron Bean (R): (904) 757-5039
Lizbeth Benacquisto (R): (239) 338-2570
Lauren Book (D): (954) 424-6674
Jeff Brandes (R): (727) 563-2100
Oscar Braynon II (D): (305) 654-7150
Anitere Flores (R): (305) 222-4117
George B. Gainer (R): (850) 747-5454
Audrey Gibson (D): (904) 359-2553
Travis Hutson (R): (386) 446-7610
Tom Lee (R): (813) 653-7061
Debbie Mayfield (R): (321) 409-2025
Bill Montford (D): (850) 487-5003
Kathleen Passidomo (R): (239) 417-6205
Bobby Powell (D): (561) 650-6880
Darryl Ervin Rouson (D): (727) 822-6828
David Simmons (R): (R): (407) 262-7578
Kelli Stargel (R): (863) 668-3028
Linda Stewart (D): (407) 893-2422
Perry E. Thurston, Jr. (D): (954) 321-2705


Please click here to see what bills will be on this week’s docket.

Have a great week and please make those calls!

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