The Last Week of the Session

It’s the last (scheduled) week of the Florida Legislative Session and it promises to be a wild one. Here’s a rundown of the status of the worst bills that we have been following the past two months.

Arming Classroom Teachers – The Senate bill (SB 7030) has passed, while the House’s (HB 7093) has not.

Restoration of Voting Rights for Former Felons – The Senate bill (SB 7086) is scheduled to be voted on April 30th. The House bill (HB 7089) has passed.

Ban on “Sanctuary Cities” Both chambers passed a bill, but they will need to be reconciled before the final vote. More information here.

Unconstitutional Expansion of Public Funds Going to Private SchoolsPassed in the Senate (S 7070), but not the House (H7095).

Three New (Toll) Highways More information here. The Senate bill (SB 7068) passed, but the House’s (HB 7113) has not.

Abortion Restrictions for Young People The House bill (H 1335) passed, while the Senate bill (SB 1774) has not.

Pre-emption of local regulations The House bill (HB3) passed, while the Senate bill (SB 1748) has not.

Please call your reps this week and let them know your thoughts! Here are their numbers:

Sen. Keith Perry:
Gainesville: (352) 264-4040
Tallahassee: (850) 487-5008

Rep. Chuck Clemons:
Gainesville: (352) 313-6542
Tallahassee: (850) 717-5021

Rep. Clovis Watson, Jr.:
Gainesville: (352) 264-4001
Tallahassee: (850) 717-5020

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