Indivisible Gainesville Summer Canvassing & Picnics

After recuperating from the 2018 midterms and working on legislative issues this spring, we are ready to dive back into knocking on doors in East Gainesville. We remain firmly convinced that deep canvassing (having conversations with community members about their concerns and providing feedback, not just the month before an election but in a sustained manner) is the most effective means of increasing voter turnout. This is supported by a ton of solid research.

In an effort to generate even more interaction with community members in East Gainesville, we plan to host summer picnics after each monthly canvass at a local park. We will provide food for our canvassers and any community members that want to join us. Therefore, we will need canvassers as well as volunteers to help with food prep and serving.

Please fill out the poll at the link below with your availability for our three summer canvassing (10am – 12pm) & picnic (12pm – 2pm) dates!

June 29
July 13
August 17

Details about the location of these events and a canvassing script will be provided soon!

We will also need money for printing canvassing materials and purchasing food for the picnics. If you can spare anything, please feel free to donate here:

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