Fed, State and Local Activity May 20 – 24



Children’s Trust of Alachua County (CTAC) Meeting From the meeting notice, which can be found here: “The CTAC was approved by voter referendum in November 2018. The Trust is an Independent Special District with authority to levy up to a 0.5 mill property tax to carry out the purposes and intent of the ordinance. Its purpose is to provide developmental, preventive, and supportive services for children such as early learning supports and out of school enrichment programming.

Agenda highlights:
* Draft Inter Local Agreement for Administrative Functions
* Budget Workshop
* Proposed CTAC Staffing

Time: 4pm
Location: Thomas Coward Auditorium at the Alachua County Health Department (218 S.E. 24th Street, Gainesville)


Stop the Abortion Bans Protest Alabama, Georgia, and other states have passed highly restrictive abortion laws that violate Roe v Wade’s prohibitions on first trimester abortion bans at the state level. In response, there are planned protests across the nation for May 21st including one in Gainesville, which will be hosted by our friends at the newly formed North Central Florida Indivisble. More information can be found here.
Time: 4 to 7pm
Location: Intersection of E. University Avenue and Waldo Rd.

Support Santa Fe Adjuncts’ Right to Unionize! From the event description, which can be found here: Santa Fe adjunct faculty filed for a union in December. Since then, Santa Fe administration have hired “very expensive” legal counsel that specializes in “union avoidance” to prevent their adjunct faculty from voting whether or not to join a union. You can see the video of Santa Fe President Sasser saying all of this here.

Adjunct faculty will be coming to the May Board of Trustees meeting to demand that Santa Fe College respect their right to hold a union election. Santa Fe administration also needs to hear from the community that this is not an acceptable view for a public institution and that Santa Fe must respect their adjuncts’ rights.

There is an excellent editorial that further describes the situation from an adjunct’s perspective. It can be found here.
Time: 4 to 6pm
Location: Santa Fe College NW (Main) Campus, Building S, Room 329

Alachua County County Commission State of the County Report will be given. More details can be found here.
Time: 5pm
Location: Alachua County Administration Building, 12 SE 1st Street, Second Floor, John “Jack” Durrance Auditorium, Board Room 209

Alachua County School Board Regular Meeting Agenda can be found on this page.
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Boardroom at the District Office, 620 East University Avenue.


Memorial Mile Set-Up From the Facebook event, which can be found here. “Veterans for Peace could use some help in placing the 7,000 plus tombstones [along NW 8th Avenue] to show the Cost of War. If you would like to help set up this moving display please call Scott Camil, 352-375-2563.
Time: Friday night “around Midnight”
Location: NW 8th Ave among the planets (call for details).


As we mentioned last week, Indivisible National has begun to put together a weekly newsletter focused on federal activity as well as actions that we can take. It is better than what we could put together given the resources at their disposal. Visit their website here and fill out the Join the Movement box to get the email each week.

Don’t forget to take the We Are Indivisible 2020 Pledge here.

Have a great week!

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