what is indivisible gainesville?

Indivisible Gainesville is a local chapter of the more nationally known Indivisible Guide. It is imperative that you read the Indivisible Guide in order to understand the comprehensive nature of how we will peacefully and systematically resist the Trump agenda.

We are a group made up of local citizens to advance a progressive movement.We are a group run by dedicated volunteers right here in your community. We are concerned about the direction and division of our nation, we believe in upholding the core principles of our Constitution. We’re motivated to seek progress and to fight against agendas of division, inequality, financial influence in government, and policies that neglect to benefit all American citizens equally.

This website has been created to keep you informed on general updates, upcoming events and important announcements. We’re also here to guide you through some very important daily action items that you can easily follow through with.

We’re here to remind you to stay the course. This is a Marathon, not a sprint. In order to be successful, we will need to stay strong, remain consistent, and come together in great numbers. Together we can change things.



Indivisible Gainesville does not engage in the endorsement of individual political candidates. However, elections are extremely important for our community, state, and nation. We strongly encourage our members to research candidates who are running for office, including their political ideologies and their stance on important political, social, economic, and environmental issues.