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Florida Republicans want to curb the enormous power of voters

By Barb Howe

What does a “hurricane preparedness” bill have to do with term limits for school board members (HB229,SJR 274)? They are part of a slew of legislation this year aimed at taking power away from cities and county governments. These bills prohibit local governments from raising the minimum wage (HB 847, S 432, banning plastic bags (S 502) and straws (HB 603, S 588) , and requiring developers to meet affordable housing requirements (HB 7103, S 1730). Bills like these are created in response to voters electing non-Republicans to local offices on the city and county level. These non-Republicans then go on to enact non-Republican endorsed legislation. This is an intolerable situation for Florida Republicans and they are working hard to put a stop to it. Read more

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