Let’s Act

Here are a few immediate actions you can take on key policy issues. To see more, checkout out our page, Act Now.

Tell your MoC: Co-sponsor Medicare for All

The health care system touches every person’s life, and Rep. Pramila Jayapal has introduced a Medicare for All bill that will make it stronger for all of us.

Tell Your MoC: Co-sponsor the FAMILY Act

The FAMILY Act would create a national paid family and medical leave insurance fund. Call your MoC and tell them to co-sponsor and help move the FAMILY Act!

Tell Your Democratic MoCs to Support the Green New Deal

Call your Democratic MoC today and tell them: vote “yes” on an addendum to the House Rules for the 116th Congress to establish the Select Committee For A Green New Deal.

Tell Your MoC to Co-Sponsor the Paycheck Fairness Act

We have a real opportunity to make sure this passes out of the House, making an important statement that equal pay for equal work is a core value that progressives will continue to prioritize.

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