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Ten Times Yoho Bungled Bigly

Sandy Parker, an Indivisible Gainesville member was shocked by some of Rep. Ted Yoho’s statements at recent Town Halls.  So, he did some investigation and found out that there are many times when the things that Yoho has said boggles the mind.  Here are the Top Ten Ted Yoho moments.

1) Ted
floats the nutty idea that citizens should be allowed access to the same weaponry as the military to make it a fair fight when the government needs to be overthrown. Stick around for the weird lottery and poison analogy. Read more

PUBLIC STATEMENT: Indivisible Gainesville faces biggest challenge yet and succeeds

Indivisible faces biggest challenge yet and succeeds. Fills close to 600 seats and has wide national and local coverage with great unity among Resistance in Yoho’s Hometown

You showed up. You spoke up. You were heard. Monday night’s town hall was successful. We want to thank everyone who attended and demonstrated to Representative Yoho that the progressive community remains strong. Close to 600 of you attended the event and told the congressman that we are holding him accountable for his votes—that his actions affect ALL of his constituents. Yesterday’s town hall demonstrated how we, as a community, can overcome obstacles and show solidarity. The town hall was held during Passover, as it has been in previous years, which means that many members of the Jewish community would be unable to attend. This year, residents came up with a creative solution and held their Seder outside of the town hall. Read more


Is Yoho’s goal to help his constituents, or is it to adhere to an ideology that does the opposite?

Congressman Yoho represents a district where 19.3% of constituents lack health insurance, well above the national average. The latest Republican proposal to “fix” Obamacare includes making insurance too unaffordable for sick and older people to buy it and cutting Medicaid funding by issuing block grants (set amounts), instead of basing funding on need. This would allow Republicans to repeal an investment income tax on very wealthy Americans which helped fund Obamacare, so that later, tax reform to give those same very wealthy Americans even larger tax cuts would be easier.

Congressman Yoho correctly stated his disapproval of this proposal; however, it wasn’t because he wanted to protect his constituents. He wanted the cuts to be steeper, further limiting the amount that with which government could assist those who need it the most.

Is his goal to help his constituents, or is it to adhere to an ideology that does the opposite?

Tonya Bervaldi


Read more

Open Letter to Ted Yoho; Gainesville Constituent Anna Robey

As a 36 year old disabled woman, I’ve been through Hell medically and living on Social Security isn’t easy.

Congressmen Yoho:

I have two issues and fears that are extremely important to me personally and my family. As a constituent, I hope you can answer the questions, calm my fears and actually have our best interests at heart. Read more

Open Letter to Ted Yoho; Gainesville Constituent Leon Bequille Issues Corrections to Yoho’s Letter

Leon Bequille sent in this amazing run of corrections to Congressman Yoho’s form letter:


This is the form letter Yoho sends out after you contact his office to support the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) or suggest Medicare for all.  The RED is my comments.  Please read and add your own comments and prepare for the Town Hall Meetings.  RESIST. Read more

Open letter to Ted Yoho; From your Gainesville Constituent, Lynda Dillon

I am your constituent. I won’t be quiet.

Dear Representative Yoho,

I don’t have a sad personal story to tell you because I have been blessed to have insurance all of my adult like and, so far, still do. I am a 71 year old woman who still works full time and has raised two grandchildren. One is still at home and I am further blessed to be able to have him on my policy provided through my position with the University of Florida. I have many friends and family who have depended on ACA for coverage and who will have none if it goes away. But this is not why I am writing. Read more

Open letter to Ted Yoho; member of the Freedom Caucus who wishes to do a Full Repeal of the ACA. From your Gainesville Constituent, Sarah Rockwell, Ph.D.

Mr. Yoho,

Please don’t take away my son’s therapy.

My son has Autism. He is an amazing kid. He loves building things – especially electronics – and he always draws and writes out plans for the things he builds. His favorite classes in school are art and science. He is his little sister’s biggest supporter and helper. He loves animals. He adores Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and can tell you every way in which the books and movies differ. He is smart and funny and loving and kind. And without ACA he’d be a mess. Read more