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Ten Times Yoho Bungled Bigly

Sandy Parker, an Indivisible Gainesville member was shocked by some of Rep. Ted Yoho’s statements at recent Town Halls.  So, he did some investigation and found out that there are many times when the things that Yoho has said boggles the mind.  Here are the Top Ten Ted Yoho moments.

1) Ted
floats the nutty idea that citizens should be allowed access to the same weaponry as the military to make it a fair fight when the government needs to be overthrown. Stick around for the weird lottery and poison analogy. Read more

PRESS RELEASE: Indivisible Group Member Changed the Mind of a Freedom Caucus Member

People attending Monday’s town hall hosted by Representative Yoho expected many things: he would endorse tax cuts, discuss Trump’s proposed budget, and speak about repealing the Affordable Care Act. What attendees did not expect was for the congressman to admit that he was wrong. Read more