We are so happy you’re interested in being involved with Indivisible Gainesville! In order to be a volunteer with us we strongly advise you to be a member of our private Gainesville Chapter Facebook Group. You’ll also need to familiarize yourself with our website, Twitter and public Facebook page. This doesn’t mean you have to join Twitter or “like” the public FB page, but you should at least be familiar with what’s there. Lastly, all volunteers are required to read and agree to Indivisible Gainesville’s rules and expectations which can be found within the volunteer application.

Below you’ll find information on our existing committees and a description of what each committee is responsible for. At the bottom of the page you’ll find our volunteer application where you’ll be able to choose your interests. Once your application is received, our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you. You can also email them at volunteering@indivisiblegnv.org with any questions you may have.


Events & Outreach: To plan local events to promote our resistance agenda and engage new members.

Elections: To plan Meet-the-Candidates events, election awareness campaigns, and voter registration drives; to track legislation specific to voting rights, redistricting, voter ID laws; to coordinate with Outreach to engage minority/disenfranchised voters (e.g., block parties, community service events).

Correspondence: To organize large-scale and small daily campaigns to contact elected officials (letter writing, daily calls, postcards, email and phone campaigns).

Research: To collect and disseminate information on proposed and passed legislation, actions and voting records of our elected officials; draft descriptions of bills and legislation; track schedules on legislation at city/county/state/federal levels; and update Indivisible on committee and floor votes.

Writing: To write press releases, media packets, smaller statements for social media; to coordinate with Research to write summaries of research projects that the general group can use when making phone calls, writing letters, asking questions at town halls.

Member-of-Congress Outreach: To establish relationships with staff in key politicians’ offices and serve as liaisons with these people during event planning.